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Upcoming IRS Deadlines. Don't Miss Out On Your Chance To Claim A Refund.

Good afternoon

We have some upcoming tax season deadlines we want to share with our social media friends and family:

July 15th , 2023 is the deadline for you to claim a refund for a 2019 Federal Income Tax Return. The deadline for claiming a refund is normally three years from the original due date. In this case, the federal government has extended the deadline due to national disasters in California, Texas, and other states. We have seen people claim five figure refunds that we had originally thought they had missed out on. If you have questions about claiming unclaimed 2019 refunds or catching up or prior year tax returns contact us ASAP.

The deadline for submitting federal income tax returns for this year is October 15, 2023. If you requested an extension earlier this year your time to file is approaching fast. If you have questions about filing a federal income tax return for this year or any other please contact us on this platform or at 2813973294.

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