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Income Tax Refund Loans Up To 6k Starting January 2nd. We Pay Up To 100.00 For Tax Referrals.

We will start preparing estimates for income tax returns beginning the last week in December. If you are a business owner or self employed and have your financials prepared we can begin preparing your tax return next week. If you are waiting on your W2's or 1099's please consult us first. Because while we can begin taking your information if you worked at the same place it is best to wait on those documents before we give an estimate or transmit the information. Our refund loan advance program will begin January 2nd. If you are prepared to file your 2021 tax return and are expecting a refund then you can apply for a refund advance loan product, In some cases these loans can be funded in hours. The average turnaround is about 24 hours. Please remember our client referral plan. We pay up to 100.00 for income tax referrals. I want to emphasize that 100.00 is the max and it depends on factors such as referral's pricing and collection of payment. Send us the name and the number and we do the rest. If you are interested in our refund advance loan program or referral plan text Mike direct @ 7133407963 or email us @ I almost left this out. If you have questions about unpaid tax child tax credits the IRS should be sending forms out to the address you have on file or you should be able to check online with the IRS. Below I am posting some video to go over these points and more tax season information that will help you prepare for the upcoming tax season.


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