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We Make Filing Income Taxes Easier.

Tax season is coming up and our company will be here to help you and your family this year file your return either in our office or remotely. I also want to go over a few things that will help make everything a bit easier for us to take care of your needs efficiently, faster, and with less errors.

1. Schedule a time to discuss your tax return preparation. We do a better job when we can prepare to deal with your tax situation exclusively. My company is using a scheduling app to help us make the process easier. The link is We work by appointments mostly. We also work late during tax season and on the weekends to help our clients. Our job is to make things easier for you. Please use this tool to cut down on your waiting time.

2. Double check all information before we submit when we send our summary and invoices over. The biggest areas we have problems in every tax season are change of address, incorrect banking information, and the correct information on W2s and 1099s. Our office will be busy. Our staff has no problem with taking our time to make sure that we have everything correct before we submit your tax return to the IRS. However, things can get lost, w2s can be left off, last names can be misspelled by either the client or preparer. These mistakes are repairable. That can take time and we all know the importance of receiving our money quickly. Double check your signature.

3. We highly recommend that you use direct deposit for your refund. That will save you a trip to the office just to pick up a check.

4. Our loan program will start January 2nd. We loan up to 6,000.00 to qualified clients. In some cases the process can take a hour We suggest that you bring in all proof of child tax credits and stimulus payments into the office. If you do not give us the correct information that could cause delays in your processing or result in you being paid on funds that you should not have been paid on which can cause you to owe the IRS. Please bring in proof of residency of your dependents as well. This can include school records. lease, medical records, healthcare records or social security cards. Email if you are unsure of what is needed to proved that you have dependents that are legally yours to file on your tax return.

5. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. We put a lot of information out there to help you navigate tax season, insurance, starting a business, accessing funds from government programs etc. The link will be below.

6. We have a great referral plan. You send us a name and the number and we do the rest. We pay up to 100.00 for every client that you send our way for tax services after we receive payment from them. We can send the money electronically. Please be patient and give us at least seven days after your referral pays or receives a refund to pay you. It gets very busy in the office. We will honor our promise. However we need time to record the payment and contact you. If you want to leave a Cash App or PayPal link with your referral that would be a great idea.


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