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The 2017 DWA Scholarship winners are........

We wanted to share a picture of the 2017 Dawn Whitely Armstrong Scholarship funds winners. We were honored to be a sponsor and to volunteer for this program. The winners were Devin Sanchez who is attending The University of Texas Arlington and Karis Pham who is attending The University of Texas at Austin. This was a very exciting day for the students, parents,donors and volunteers who worked to make our mission possible. J and B Financial has committed 1000.00 to the Class of 2018's fundraising effort to ensure the continuation of The DWA Scholarship Fund's momentum. Thanks to everyone who supported their cause. The program's goals for 2018 are to double their impact next year by increasing awareness of their program in their area and providing scholarship funds for twice the amount of students! Thank you all once again! This was so much fun. We are going to do it again but bigger in 2018! 

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