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Be Your Own Boss! Start Your Own Business With J And B Financial.

J And B Financial offers an affordable solution for qualified entrepreneurs that want to start their own business as a provider of insurance and income tax services.

To be successful in our training system will need the following attributes:

  1. Be a self starter.

  2. Have a detailed oriented mindset.

  3. Have at least 10k liquid to invest.

  4. Have no fear when talking to other humans. You can start with friends and family.

  5. Possesses moderate computer skills.

  6. Have the time to learn or enhance your current skill set.

We are looking to train you in owning and operating your own J And B Insurance And Taxes office from your home, a standalone office or online. Successful owners can earn over $100,000 a year in their first year.

For more information please contact us by text @ 7133407963 or online @


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