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PPP Loans and Small Business Disaster Loans. Preparing To Borrow

If you are a business owner that has never applied for a business loan trying to apply for the PPP or Small Business Disaster Loan in order to obtain relief from the Coronavirus outbreak and its damage to your business we want you to watch our You Tube video on small business lending preparation. We go over the basic expectations of your banker and the documents that you will need to provide to qualify for not just this small business loan but any commercial loan. These are bare minimum requirements that could be subject to change at the discretion of the lending institution.We advise our clients to focus more on the loan aspect of these loans that the grant and loan forgiveness process. While these are important perks we have concerns that if you do not qualify for the loan itself then you the other perks on these programs might not be availble as well. As of today to our knowledge this remains to be seen.

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