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1st Annual South Belt Cook Off Tent Crawl

For the past three years we have been involved at the South Belt Cook Off as a sponsor for various teams that compete at this event. This year we came up with the idea that organizing a "tent crawl"

between the teams we worked with at The South Belt Cookoff would be a very fun way to introduce people to the food and people of the SouthBelt area. Amanda Mask of Nine Banded Austin Whiskey came abroad as a whiskey sponsor to help out. (What's a party without whiskey?) The Outta Control Cookers had the best band and atmosphere. The Federalis brisket and blue ritas were excellent. The Smoking Irish BBQ in a cool replica of a castle. The Midnight Smokers had the best DJ in the park! The First Class Cookers shot block and liquor selection put them in a class all of their own! We are looking forward to do it again next year! Welcome to Sagemont!

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