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2018 Southbelt Cook Off Tent Crawl

We want to thank all the teams, companies and people who made our Second Annual Southbelt Cookoff Tent Crawl a success. We were able to use this event to help build awareness and raise money for our Dollars for Students College Scholarship Fund which goes towards helping two 2018 Dobie graduating student athletes with first year college costs. The Outta Control Cookers, The Midnight Smokers, The Smoking Irish, The Cooler Killers, The Texas Smokehouse Sauce Cookers, and The Pit Vipers were the teams who were gracious enough to share their hospitality and tents with our band of Tent Crawlers. J and B Financial, Constructive Creaticism Marketing, and Nine Banded Austin Whiskey were the companies that sponsored the event. To learn more about the Dollars For Scholars program go to their Facebook page @ .

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