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2019 Income Tax Season News

I have some great news for my clients about our upcoming tax season. We are doing refund and payment estimates for our clients starting now. These estimates are ballpark figures only. But, they will give you a general idea of what you will owe or will receive as a refund in 2019. We will also be offering Refund Advance Loans of up to 6,000.00 for qualifying clients beginning January 2nd. We also will be offering 50.00 and up for every income tax client you send our way. One more thing before I forget: sign up for our email list so you will be eligible for our giveways. Next year one of or clients will go to Las Vegas. Plus we will be giving away tickets to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo, concerts, sporting events, and more.  Text me @ 713 3407963 for more details.

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