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J and B Tax Resolution Services

We can help you resolves issues with the IRS in many cases not involving court. If you have missed filing prior year federal tax returns, are a victim of tax related identity theft, if you taxes were mistakenly misfiled, filed improperly without your knowledge, or if you need to set up a payment plan with the irs to help resolve tax debt we can assist you. We can save you time coming into the office by gathering information and beginning to work with you by email or phone. We can offer some assistance with audits as well on a case by case basis. We also have a variety of payment plans that make our services affordable. We pay for referrals. If you send friends or family our way we will cut you a check after they hire us as and make a payment for our services. Call our office at (281)3973294 and ask for MIke or call Lara at (713)8514454 for a free consultation.

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