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There is a possibility that a second wave of stimulus payments among other relief measures for Americans suffering from Covid-19 related economic challenges such as expanded federal aid for state and local governments is on the way to American citizens. This piece of legislation named the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act or HEROES act included a second round of stimulus payments of up to $1,200 for U.S. resdients without social security numbers who have ITINs, and an extension of unemployment benefits through January 2021 instead of July 2020. Sounds great? Well, there is a catch. The bill has passed the House as of Friday May, 15th,and is now on its way to the Senate where it is not expected to pass in the Senate as it is currently written, However, that does not mean it will not survive in some shape or form. It could be stalled outright if the Republican controlled Senate does not have certain concessions added to the act. Most news sources have reported that Republican leadership in Senate have already stated this bill is "Dead on Arrival" Let's hope that our elected officials do what is best for our country and its citizens. In the meanwhile stay tuned to our website and social media( as we work to keep our customers and their family updated on financial news that they can use.


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