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Happy Holidays From J and B Financial.

As 2020 slowly begins to fade into the history books we look with a great deal of optimism towards the future. At the top of the optomistic feelings are the introduction and deployment of a vaccine meant to eliminate Covid-19. Over time this vaccine is expected to give our country and world the ability we need to stand up to Covid-19 and began to live normal lives again.

On another note the Covid-19 relief bill which passed both Houses of Congress was met by a stern admonishment by President Trump who requeasted a higher direct payment to tax payers and a reduced amount of foreign aid. This basically sent both houses scrambling to make changes to this over 500 page bill.

Congress will reconvene the Monday after Christmas at which time hopefully sometjing will be done to move this bill forward and get some help to the American people and businesses who are suffering from Covid 19 illnesses or shut downs to businesses.


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