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The Items You Need To Help Make Filing Your Income Taxes Easier And Faster With J and B Financial.

We hope that you are having a great new year so far. It is tax time time again and we want to work with you and your peeps this tax season. We also want the process to be an easy and error free one. In the video below Mike will talk about some of the basic things needed to be brought into the office such as your valid id, proof of income and deductions, proof of the residency of your dependents, and proof that you have received payouts from government programs such as stimulus, advance child tax credits, and unemployment if applicable help with the process. To answer questions that pertain to your situation feel free to text Mike direct at 7133407963, email customer service at customer service at or set an appointment @ We are now offering income tax advances of up to $6,000.00 and we will pay up to 100.00 for income tax client referrals. Give us the name and the number and we will contact the referral for you and electronically pay you when we are paid. Please share our website and you tube channels with family and friends.


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